About us

West Coast Wines AS is the premier importer of highly allocated and rare wines from California, Oregon and France


To offer wines made by people that care about their wines the same way a mother cares for her children. Nursing the vines, respect the soil and grow the grapes. These are small production wines and we want to share this experience with people that will appreciate the love and care that goes into each and evry bottle


As of March 2023 we are happy to share with you all that wines have arrived from California and Oregon.  Some of these are available at the vinmonopolet.no and others you need to contact us directly.  Please browse our list and you will be able to place an order.

We are so proud of having a fantastic kick-off party on January 19th and you can find some great phots here.

We will keep you posted here and by social media with our progress. Obviously we are all very excited to get the wines to Norway and be able to share them with all of you.

We will be sending out emails to those of you that decide to sign up by email for when what wines will be available. We probably do need to allocate the bottles as we are looking to get a limited supply the first six months.  bottlings!

Our goal is to also start a wine club - and more about that later.

We now have several restaurants that carry our wines and these are listed here.

Lastly, but not the least important or fun, we will have several exclusive wine dinners at different venues where the representatives from the wineries will be present. Again, sign up by email and you will be notified.

Wineries that are interested in being represented by West Coast Wines A/S - please contact us by sending and email to info@westcoastwines.no